Bridge Hotel Group

Concept systemAbout us

Management Philosophy

Through good faith business,
making memories that remain in mind.

Our Vision

A company that make everyone happy and be proud

If the employees who work together are not happy, it does not make sense to operate. Although customer satisfaction is important, it is based on customer satisfaction under the premise of employee satisfaction. Ask our staff: When will you feel happy? They will all answer "when the guests say thank you to us." In the future, we will continue to grow and develop with the goal of hotel service with high customer satisfaction.

Our Beliefs

Behavior Beliefs

We strive to provide the best hospitality from the bottom of our hearts.
We turn what we want into action to serve our guests.
For customer satisfaction, we will help each other across departments.

Personal Beliefs

Being considerate
Always be positive
Keep learning
Being honest
Be kind and humble Always be grateful

Our Mission

Mission of Hotel

Be a cultural bridge between Japan and the world.

Mission of Hotel Banquet

Deepen the connection between each guest.

Messageブリッジホテルグループ 専務取締役 橋本明元

ブリッジホテルグループ 専務取締役 橋本明元

" We hope to serve as a cultural bridge between Japan and the world,
and to enhance every visitors’ experience and love of Japan."

〈Let foreigners like Japanese culture〉is our mission. We strive to provide the best hospitality from the bottom of our hearts.We are strifing to provide more services to your satisfaction or needs in the future.

Thanks to all parties, our hotels maintained a occupancy rate of over 95% and opening of the new hotel in the previous year and last year. Now also affected all sectors of the media reports, more to enhance the awareness and create more opportunities for guests to stay in our hotel .

The reason for prosperity is to incorporate the projects and services not done at other hotels, and to create a system that makes it easier for employees to work, a reassuring and challenging environment that allows everyone to grow freely.

Planned by employees to let foreign visitors experience Japanese culture, as well as free international calls and exchange currency free of charge etc. If our employees can make a good plan to make our guests happy, our employees have a quota of up to 200,000 yen to achieve that. Employees or their families can get up to 500,000 yen in medical subsidy system when they are sick, so that employees can feel the rewards of work and peace of mind, and create an environment that can last a long time.

We will continue to think, "how can I let guests to love Japan?" , and make all employees to be happy, to let our hotel keeping growing.