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Hotel Group
(ex- Dotonbori Hotel Group)

People from across the world are enjoying Japanese culture.
Our staffs offer the best hospitality and hope that you will find Japan fascinating in return.

A Cultural Bridge Between Japan and the World

We are striving to provide the best hospitality and more services to your satisfaction or needs in the future from the bottom of our hearts.

Hotel GroupBridge Hotel Group

In 1970, the International Exposition has been held in Japan for the first time, attracting the attention of tourists from around the world to Osaka and, at the same time, Dotonbori Hotel has been established. 20 years passed in a blink of an eye.

The '4 statues' was built in front of the entrance of Dotonbori Hotel in 1991. Starting from left, they represent people of Asians, Africans, Arabs and Westerners, representing our goal to strive to offer the best hospitality services to people from all around the world. The philoshopy of 'hospitality' is rooted inside our heart since the establishment of Dotonbori Hotel and it grows deeper with each passing day. To date, we earned praises from guests internationally and is widely known as "the hotel of smile".